About Carol

I am an artist, wool sculptor, social anthropologist and mother of four living on a smallholding in the Lambourn Downs; with dogs, chickens, ducks, pygmy goats and New Forest ponies.  I am often asked to rehome hard to place animals for the RSPCA which I have been doing now for many years. A dear friend gave me fleeces from her alpacas and pet sheep, leading me to discover the art of needle felting. Thanks to the encouragement and positive feedback I have received, I have set up this website to show the varied nature of my work. Customers tell me I am able to capture the personality of their pets in art – which gives me great satisfaction as I know how important animals are in people’s lives.

Most of my work is custom-made. I am often asked to make a mini of a pet for good luck, for example if a person misses home/is at university, travelling or in hospital and cannot take their pet with them. Sometimes I’m asked to make 3d pictures or portraits in wool, which are very popular. And when an animal is nearing the end of its life or has passed away, many people find comfort in a mini keepsake or portrait of their much pet. I am able to incorporate a small sample of pet hair to personalise the portrait or mini sculpture if this is preferred.

I welcome enquiries via my contact page.